About Us (Edmonton) was brought about by one middle aged women with too much time on her hands!

Back in October of 2017 she decided to purge her closet and started selling things on eBay, Facebook, and Kijiji. Well...she not only found this new endeavor quite satisfying, but also made a little cash while thinning out her closets and keeping things from ending up in the landfill!

She started telling her friends, family and neighbors about what she was doing and before she knew it they were all bringing things over for her to sell...500 or so products later...with her closets fuller then when she started... she just HAD to open this VIRTUAL "store".

Now, it's not really a STORE, as you can't physically just go in to browse, but what you CAN do is this


      • Look around on the website to see what's available today. (it may not be available tomorrow!)

      • Add it to your cart, pay online and have it shipped (Canada Post), have it delivered ($15.00 delivery fee) or arrange to pick it up at her home. If you choose to pick it up, of course, you can pay by cash.


Please visit the consignment page for more information if you have stuff to sell or give away. (Patricia also donates once a month to local charities)

Have a question? Feel free to fill out the form below and she'll get back to you promptly. (usually within 2 hours.)